Linking Grammars and Parsers

This course is designed for syntacticians who want to explore the relationship between syntactic theories and sentence processing theories. It provides a foundation for linking explicit grammars (both context free grammars and minimalist grammars) to several fundamental parsing algorithms (bottom up, top down, and left corner). This is primarily a collection of readings. I am indebted to Tim Hunter and Ellen Lau for conversations that inspired this course, and for advice about some of the readings and organization. I am also taking inspiration from courses on parsing by Philip Resnik and Thomas Graf.

All deficiencies are my fault.

Schedule and Materials

unit topic readings extra materials
1 Introduction Marr chapter 1 | MMiL chapter 16 Fodor and Pylyshyn 1988 | Smolensky 1988
2 Regular Grammars MMiL chapter 17
3 Context Free Grammars MMiL chapter 18
4 Minimalist Grammars Stabler 2010 sections 1 and 2 Chapter 1 of Thomas Graf's dissertation
Lecture 16 by Graf about derivation trees
5 Multiple Context Free Grammars Clark 2014
6 MGs and MCFGs Stabler 2013 section 1 | Hunter and Dyer 2013 sections 1 and 2
7 Top-down and Bottom-up Parsers for CFGs Kanazawa lecture 2 | Hunter 2018a
8 Left-corner Parsers for CFGs Hunter 2018a | Kanazawa lecture 2 | (NLTK chapter 8) | (Jurafsky and Martin chapter 12)
9 Top-down Parsers for MGs Hunter 2018b sections 1 and 2 | (Stabler 2013)
10 Left-corner Parsers for MGs Hunter 2018b sections 1 and 2 | Stanojevic and Stabler 2018
11 Center-embedding Pulman 1986 | Abney and Johnson 1991
12 Garden Paths Shieber 1983 | Jurafsky and Martin chapter 13 | Henderson 2004
13 Act-R Lewis and Vasishth 2005 | Whitehill 2013
14 Surprisal and Entropy? Hale 2016

Additional Materials

Thomas Graf's (publicly accessible) materials for a course on computational linguistics.

Thomas Graf's (publicly accessible) materials for a course on parsing.

Graf lab's mgproc - a python package for comparing MG derivation trees using thousands of complexity metrics.

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