Language Science

This is an introductory linguistics course geared toward psych majors, taught as a smaller course. The course consists of two lectures per week with take-home problem sets. The lecture slides and assignments included here. This is similar to the language and mind course above, but with more depth in the linguistic theory sections, plus problem sets.

Because this is taught in at extremely multi-lingual university, the second part of each problem set asks students to use the tools of the class to analyze their own native language.

The course itself is usually organized using Brightspace (NYUAD's course software). I have created this webpage to facilitate sharing of materials with other instructors. I have not included answer keys, just in case students stumble upon this page. But if you need the answer key, please contact me.

Lecture Topic Assignments
1 Introduction
2 The object of study
3 Articulatory Features
4 Acoustic Phonetics
5 Phonemes and Allophones
6 Phonological Rules
7 Problems in class Problem Set 1
8 Morphemes and Rules
9 Morphological Theory
10 Lexical Access
11 Writing Systems
12 Language Disorders
13 Problems in class Problem Set 2
14 Syntax I
15 Syntax II
16 Syntax III
17 Problems in class Problem Set 3
18 The Logical Problem of Language Acquisition
19 Case Studies in Language Acquisition
20 Critical Period
21 Sign Languages
22 Language Diversity
23 Language Prejudice Problem Set 4
24 Language and Thought
25 Animal Communication
extra Syllables and Phonotactic Constraints

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