Language and Mind

This is an intro level course in linguistics as a cognitive science that satisfies the philosophical reasoning requirement general education requirement at UConn.

The course itself is usually organized using HuskyCT (UConn's BlackBoard implementation). I have created this webpage to facilitate sharing of materials with other instructors. I have not included exams, just in case students stumble upon this page.

The course consists of two lectures per week, and one discussion section. The lecture slides are below. The discussion sections are created by graduate teaching assistants, so are not included here. In some years I have offered make-up assignments for students who miss discussion section. Those are included below too.

Unit I - The nature of linguistic knowledge
Lecture topic Make-up assignments
1 Introduction
2 Phonemes
3 Articulatory features Assignment 1
4 Phonology
5 Morphology Assignment 2
6 Lexical access
7 Syntax Assignment 3
8 Principles and Parameters Assignment 4
Unit II - The acquisition of linguistic knowledge
Lecture topic Make-up assignments
9 The logical problem of language acquisition
10 Acquisition of phonemes Assignment 5
11 Acquisition of Morphemes
12 Acquisition of Syntax
13 The critical period Assignment 6
14 Williams Syndrome and Specific Language Impairment Assignment 7
Unit III - The analysis of the linguistic world around us
Lecture topic Make-up assignments
15 Philosophy of science
16 Language diversity
17 Language prejudice Assignment 8
18 Introduction to the brain
19 Language and the brain Assignment 9
20 Sign languages
21 Language death and language genesis Assignment 10
22 Animal communication Assignment 11

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