Introduction to Statistics

This is an introduction to null hypothesis testing for undergraduates (taught in the Psychology major at NYUAD). The course consists of two lectures per week and one discussion section where students learn a little bit about R. The course is designed around Explaining Psychological Statistics by Barry H. Cohen, but the material is generic enough that it can work with any textbook. The full course materials are included here: lectures, homework assignments, exams, and R code for the discussion sections.

The course itself is usually organized using Brightspace (NYUAD's course software). I have created this webpage to facilitate sharing of materials with other instructors.

I have included the homework assignments and exams, but not the answer keys, just in case students stumble upon this page. If you need the answer keys, please email me.

Lecture Topic Assignments
1 Introduction
2 Research design
3 Frequencies Homework 1
4 Central Tendency and Variability
5 Is a result extreme? Homework 2
6 Descriptive Statistics
7 Foundations of NHT
8 Logic of NHT
9 Logic of NHT part II Homework 3
10 One-sample t-test
11 Confidence Intervals Homework 4
12 Independent samples t-test
13 Statistical Power I
14 Statistical Power II Homework 5 | Exam 1
15 Linear Correlation
16 Linear Regression Homework 6
17 Paired t-test Homework 7
18 ANOVA logic
19 One-way ANOVA Homework 8
20 Multiple Comparisons I
21 Multiple Comparisons II Homework 9
22 Factorial ANOVA I
23 Factorial ANOVA II
24 Factorial ANOVA III Homework 10 | Exam 2

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